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Big Bar Chart

BigBarChart is an immersive 3D bar chart that provides a physical way for people to interact with data. It takes data beyond visualizations to map out a new area of "Data Experiences" which are multisensory, embodied, and aesthetic interactions.

BigBarChart is made up of many bars (modified pop-up laundry hampers) that extend up to 6' tall to create an immersive experience. Bars change height and color and respond to interactions that are direct (e.g. person entering the room), tangible (e.g. pushing down on a bar to get meta information), or digital (e.g. controlling bars and performing statistical analyses through a tablet). BigBarChart helps both scientists and the general public understand information from a new perspective.

BigBarChart will first be used in partnership with Silent Spring Institute to communicate results of testing for over 50 chemicals in Boston homes. Methods build from previous research on reporting environmental health study results through paper packets and digital reports.

BigBarChart is supported by the Knight Foundation Prototype Fund and was one of 40 semi-finalist of over 600 entries in the Knight Foundation News Challenge: Health.

More documentation can be found on the project website and in my master's thesis.