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with Sara Wylie (Northeastern University), Talia Spitz, Rima Rebei, Don Blair, Robert Henning, Sophia Struckman, Rod Bayliss, and Claudia Chen, Roseann Bongiovanni (GreenRoots)

SeeBoat is a fleet of remote controlled boats that measure and display water quality in real time. It explores the emotional and contextual nature of data by creating a data physicalization that makes water pollution data present. See our photos and videos at

The boats measure water temperature, conductivity, and turbidity and displays the data by changing color in real time. Numeric sensor data is also transmitted via radio, visible through real time graphs, and can be further recording using long exposure photos. SeeBoat makes environmental data experiential and interactive to help both communities and researchers better understand pollution and its implications.

SeeBoat and its previous iteration, the Thermal Fishing Bob, has been tested in the Charles River, the Mystic River, the Chelsea Creek, and in the Portland, Maine area. This project builds on previous research on data experiences including Dressed In Data and BigBarChart.

SeeBoat is open source and technical documentation can be found on github.